18 – 19 February – WAKO British Championships

A very busy, but great weekend at the WAKO British Championships for Team Bristol. Great performances from the team over the weekend, leading to 9 golds, 8 silver and 8 bronze:

Cory Cook x 2 (points & light contact)
Liam Holden x 3 (2x light contact & 1 points)
Ishana Moores x 2 (points)
Sharon Gill (points)
Jasmine Marks (points)

Grace Chandler x 2 (points)
Aston Cook x 2 (points)
Izzy Whitmore (points)
Hayden Challenger x 2 (light contact & points)
Rio Williams (light contact)

Hayden Challenger x2 (light contact and points)
Izzy Whitmore (points)
Ishana Moores x2 (points)
Rio Williams (points)
Jack Sowersby (points)
Emily Rowland (points)

Very well done to everyone who fought. Excellent work in a tough tournament.

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