Testimonials from our members
Testimonials from our members

What our members think

Paul Verstraeten

“I began training with Sharon in 2006 as both my sons had joined the Little Dragons classes and I wanted to be part of it. The only problem was as a 19 stone smoking desk worker who hadn’t done exercise since school I was a little self conscious to say the least. With a friendly nudge I took my first step in and that was it. I could not have expected such a friendly and supportive atmosphere and so my journey began. Over the next few years, with the support of the instructors and fellow students I moved through the syllabus, quit smoking and dropped 4 waist sizes.

When Sharon and Dan formed GB Fit I was in no doubt that I wanted to train with and alongside them and with the new Saturday Family Class it meant that my 2 Sons and I could now be joined by my Wife and Daughter. I was also given the opportunity to assist Sharon with the Kids class which was an incredible honour and I jumped at the chance.

In 2015 I reach a true life goal and achieved my Lau Gar Black Sash and now the journey for me has really started. As I work towards my next grade I see my 2 boys fit, strong, respectful and well disciplined and My Wife and Daughter now training with GB Fit twice a week. This makes me very proud.

So what do you get with GB Fit? Skilled Instructors who continue to training and better themselves, Great students to work with, a friendly family environment and in my case, the chance to see your feet again.”


Professor Paul Martin

“I am 55 but I feel half that age when Im training lau gar kung fu with GBFit. Sharon has a fabulous way of doing serious, hard core training – whether class training or in 1-on-1 sessions – without taking it too seriously – she keeps it fun… most of the time you are too busy enjoying yourself to feel the pain. The club feels like a very supportive family and I have found myself slowly becoming addicted to training with GBFit.”

Testimonial from Paul Verstraeten and family

James Baker

“I am a member of Dan Blythe’s Kung Fu class and I have been for about 3 and a half years now, and since I have joined I have not only noticed my discipline is much better, so has my fitness. There is always a great range of exercises and creative ways to do our Kung Fu. I am also a member of Dan’s sparring class, and thanks to his great coaching I have gone on to be on the podium and to win some national competitions as part of Team Bristol, I highly recommend Dan’s classes, to anyone who’s interested.”

Testimonial from James Baker


“My work involves overseas travel and I have an unpredictable schedule and so keeping fit was not a priority until 8 years ago I had to run for a flight and spent the next 20 minutes trying to recover, it was my wake up call and time to get into better physical shape. I decided to work with a personal trainer and was recommended Sharon Gill. A great choice as 1 to 1 training with Sharon is fun and works. She sets me goals, keeps me motivated and the results have been very positive – my fitness, core strength and stamina has increased significantly and I have been able to maintain my fitness throughout the 8 years even when faced with heavy workloads, travel and a major health scare. We have a laugh, she makes it fun, keeps me motivated and is flexible on times so I can align it to my lifestyle. If you are anything like me and find it hard to keep up the gym or exercise classes, this is the ideal solution to getting in shape and staying there.”

Testimonial from Jacqui


“I have been training with GB Fit since January. I wanted to kick start my fitness and the Monday morning boot camp was perfect.

Tailored for all ages and abilities, Sharon and Dan work you hard but understand where your limits are. Since starting with GB Fit I have returned

to Kung fu, running and regular gym sessions. I highly recommend training with GB Fit it has been really motivating and I feel great!”

Testimonial from Bronwen


“I’ve been coming to GB Fit’s bootcamps since they started in January 2014 and have seen my fitness improve week-on-week. Sharon and Dan are really good at tailoring the exercises to each individual’s fitness level.There’s something about the way they run the classes that engenders a real sense of teamwork and mutual encouragement. I’m delighted they’re starting to run more classes so that I can attend several sessions a week.”

Testimonial from Sarah


“I really enjoy the GB fit sessions led by Sharon and Dan. They help you really push yourself and enjoy it at the same time. I always leave feeling fantastic.”

Testimonial from Andrew