Little Dragons

Kung Fu Classes For Ages 4-7

Little Dragons is for boys and girls aged 4 – 7 years. It is a fun and lively introduction to kung fu and kickboxing. It is based around a syllabus that we have written ourselves covering the basics of martial arts, while building confidence, coordination and discipline.

The lessons are normally 1 hour long and are very game based. They will include a warm up, usually involving team races and competitions. This is followed by a stretch. The rest of the lesson will vary from week to week, but will cover:

  • basic kicks and punches
  • anti bullying
  • speed and reaction drills
  • balancing
  • lots of games

The syllabus is structured so that as the children move through the belts and get older, they are taught more complicated combinations of techniques and the drills develop to match their ability. When they achieve their brown tag belt, or turn 8 years old they then move up to the older class and begin to learn the full kung fu syllabus.

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