Adult kung fu

For ages 17+

This is for anyone over 16 years old and is suitable for all abilities and fitness levels. It follows the syllabus set out by the British Kung Fu Association and includes (over time):

  • basic kicks and punches
  • Hand and kick blocks
  • Traditional set routines
  • Knife defence
  • Sparring
  • Staff, sword and other weapons
  • Chinese commands

All the classes start with a warm up to increase speed, strength and endurance. This is followed by a stretch to increase flexibility. After this the format will vary from week to week, but will teach all the traditional aspects over time. Students will always be working towards their next sash.

As well as traditional kung fu we also teach kickboxing. This is slightly incorporated into the kung fu lessons, but we do hold specific sparring classes for students who want to do more of this. We have students who compete all across Britain, Europe and the World. Either as part of Team Bristol or the WAKO British Squad.

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Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

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