Upcoming Events

Next tournaments and events.

If anyone is interested in attending any of these, please ask your instructor first. 

  1. 6 October 2019: CIMAC Superleague, Dorking
  2.  12 – 13 October 2019: Bristol Open International, Bristol
  3.  27 October 2019: BKFA National Championships, Sandwell
  4.  10 November 2019: CIMAC Superleague, High Wycombe
  5. 24 – 30 November 2019: WAKO Senior World Championships, Turkey
  6. 14 December 2019: GB Fit kids Christmas party
  7. 14 December 2019: GB Fit adults Christmas party

Next grading

9 November. This will be held at Horfield in the morning and Ashton in the afternoon. It is for all Little Dragons and kung fu sashes white, blue and orange. Flyers will be given out with all the timings.

For those aiming to take kung fu sashes, your instructor will tell you whether you are ready to grade.